Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

This is the commonest joint replaced in India. Here the diseased ends of the thigh and leg bones and sometimes the surface of the knee cap are replaced. The components are made of cobalt chrome alloys and poly ethylene. Recently implants made of titanium and oxinium have also been introduced.

Revision hip and knee replacement

When an already replaced joint fails either due to wear and tear after many years, infection, injury or some other problem, the joint needs to be replaced. This is known as revision joint replacement. This is much more difficult and complex compared to a primary joint replacement. These procedures require careful planning and preparation, specialized tools and implants (Prosthesis).These specialized implants are expensive and the procedures are done only by surgeons who have considerable experience in joint replacement surgery.

    Appropriate diagnosis and early treatment of these conditions shall render a painfree and healthy life.

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