Fitness evaluation for various sports

Fitness evaluation for various sports

It takes us to go through a series of measurements that makes sure that the health status as well as physical fitness of a sport person remains at the top priority. That’s the reason – We provide our sports’ clients with the fitness evaluation services, no matter which sport they are in. With the endless number of tests, assessments and measurements, we ensure we stick to the baseline fitness level, and provide them with the greater coverage to fitness evaluation.
With that being said – No matter, if you have set health and fitness goals, we have plenty of specific tests to evaluate your fitness to enhancing your productiveness altogether. Not only we will access your current fitness level, but also identify all your fitness goals and interests in terms to suitable exercises you ever want to go with. On top of everything – We will also evaluate current health conditions, risks and your limitations, to emphasis more on what needs to be done, and what not! On the sweeter note – We are the best in the industry for fitness evaluation!

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During the last couple of years the city of Baroda has witnessed variety of educational, social, religious & many other activities from the stage of VAISHVI ORTHOPEDIC HOSPITAL.

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