Covid-19 | Lockdown 3.0

As lockdown 3.0 has been started, everyone of you must be already overloaded with information related to COVID-19 and still getting the updates now and then..

So, here Vaishvi Orthopedic hospital would like to share the following points which can be considered helpful in this COVID-19 outbreak scenario:

  1. Immunity boosting is the key.
  2. Precaution is good, panic isn’t.
  3. This is the time to take care of your elders
  4. Positivity starts from home only
  5. Breaking the rules won’t help
  6. Say no to ‘myths’ and ‘rumours’

1) Immunity boosting is the key.

When we are at war with an invisible enemy, the inner strength is the only winning weapon.

Boost your immunity with

Citrus fruits loaded with Vitamin C,

Drinking Warm water

Yoga and meditation

Homemade immunity booster kadha and chyavanprash

Consuming turmeric with honey on regular basis

2) Precaution is good, panic isn’t.

Instead of panicking unnecessarily and spreading the negativity in people,we should just focus on the preventive care.for example; wearing proper mask that covers nose n mouth both, use of sanitizer and handwash liquid in daily routine,avoiding touching nose,eyes and mouth too often,consulting a doctor without hesitation if any symptoms are seen etc.

3) This is the time to take care of your elders

It’s high time to pay back the care that our elders have given us for years. Give them adequate information about the current situation, monitor their sugar-BP levels regularly, encourage them to eat balanced diet and to do moderate exercise.

4) Positivity starts from home only

If we actually look at it in a positive way, we just need to do very less to be safe and keep others safe.we just need to stay at home,follow the guidelines and trust our medical teams.

So..keep calm,educate yourself,spread awareness and not the tension in people connected to you,meditate and be positive.

5) Breaking the rules won’t help

If we think that this virus can’t affect us even if we roam carelessly on roads,encourage gatherings unnecessarily then it will cost a lot to us and to the whole nation.Let’s not forget that following the guidelines and rules issued by government is for our own sake.

6) Say no to ‘myths’ and ‘rumours’

These days our group chats and social media are flooded with endless stories, news,information and solutions regarding Corona virus out of which many stories and news can be defined as ‘Rumours’ and many solutions and threats can be defined as ‘myths’.

There’s difference between being updated and being mislead. Let’s be sensible and break the chains of rumours.

So, let’s stay safe,let’s keep our immunity and positivity safe and let’s set an example of a sensible citizen of our country. We all are together in this.. We shall overcome and we will..

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