During the last couple of years the city of Baroda has witnessed variety of educational, social, religious & many other activities from the stage of VAISHVI ORTHOPEDIC HOSPITAL. It is not meant to be exhaustive treatise on any condition. The website is a mixture of information for the visiting patient, curious layman, academic Orthopod & keen Therapist. We do not aim to treat individual patients through this website but a whole lot of information is available to satiate your appetite for fitness & health. We should be updating profiles & information as and when time permits If you wish us to highlight a particular problem do let us know..

Knee Replacement
Shoulder Replacement
Hip Replacement
Elbow replacement
Revision of Joint Replacement
Knee Arthroscopy
Shoulder Arthroscopy
Hip Arthroscopy
Elbow Arthroscopy


Very experienced doctor Dr. Jaimeen P. Jesalpura. I had an astonishing experience at the Vaishvi orthopedic hospital. Specially for joint replacement surgery.

Jessica Doe

Dr. Jaimeen Jesalpara is the best orthopedic surgeon. Recommend to all 🙏

Vinit Chauhan

best knee replacement surgeon in vadodara

Ameet Chhimpa

Dr. Jaimeen jesalpura is one of the best surgeon for all kinds of joint replacement surgery

Sanket Patel

Dr. Jaimeen fixed my frequent dislocation problem (Bankart repair). It's been 6 months and I am fully recovered. He is so confident and down to earth person. I totally recommend him for any orthopaedic issue.

Shiven Pandya

Bilateral Cuf rotator operation in both the shoulder, Nice experience Dr. Jaimin sir and Dr.Pranay sir guided us and gave courage.Very good experience as a doctor.Unic arthroscopy in Vadodara.

Deepak Shah

Best hospital for knee replacement in vadodara. best doctor

Parth Jadhav

Best orthopaedic consultant in Vadodara, with proper guidance and provide me deep knowledge.

Mayur Shah

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